Crowdfunding User Application

The following application is for consideration of approval to use Slippery Rock University’s crowdfunding Web site, RAISE Slippery Rock University. Please fill out all fields completely, obtain the appropriate signatures, and email it to or deliver/mail it to the Office of University Advancement, 100 Old Main, 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.

It is strongly recommended that you include a 2-minute video with your application (send video or link to video via email). Additionally, we encourage you to submit any documents that you believe will supplement your application. These may include a detailed project outline, a timetable, and a budget.

Please be advised that the completion of this application, including securing the appropriate signature approvals, does not guarantee that you will be invited to use the crowdfunding site. Projects will be evaluated by a team of University leaders, who will determine if the crowdfunding Web site is the appropriate venue to raise funds for your particular project. Their decision is not a reflection of you, your team, or the merit of your project.

Applicant Information
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Project Details
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Outreach Plan
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By signing this document, I understand that any names,contact information, and email addresses given to me bySlippery Rock University Foundation, Inc. are strictly confidential, and I will use any information given to me for crowdfunding purposes only.
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